Friday, 12/4/2024 | 2:48 UTC+0

Everything You Need to Know about E3

Well, the E3 of 2019 has come and gone, but we are left with a few jewels. As always, gaming companies did not disappoint with their exhibitions and news. As with gaming, the casino industry is going forward with their VR environments where you can play and win money – all in all, a true VR wonderland. As far as E3 is concerned, announcements, games, and rumors have followed this event for quite some time, but this is what we managed to uncover so far.

Cyberpunk 2077

In a dark, futuristic place that is New York City, players have the option of exploring their surroundings as they build their own character any way they see fit. Here is a bit of a treat for gaming and internet fans all over the world – Keanu Reeves appears in the game! The sensation reached meme pages in a flash and it’s not even the best bit about the game. This RPG was developed by CD Project Red who brought us Witcher 3, so you can be sure that this game is worth the hype.


A new piece of hardware will soon grace the homes of gamers with its presence – the second version of the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller. There is also a new project that we can expect on the market in 2020 – Project Scarlet. Essentially it is the new and improved Xbox said to be several times more powerful than Xbox One X and it will support all of the previous Xbox games.

Square Enix

The company turned a few heads this year when they revealed gameplay from the long-coveted Final Fantasy VII remake. Some fans started joking around online that watching Aerith’s death would deal a particular blow to the followers of the series as they get to experience it yet again in smooth detail.

There is also the miracle of the big screen brought to, well, another screen – Marvel’s Avengers. It is a third-person action game that follows the exploits of Thor, Tony Stark and others in a dark setting worthy of its comic book namesake.


A titan that has been with us nearly from the beginning, Nintendo surprised fans with the sequel to the internet sensation that is Mario Maker – Mario Maker 2. They also have a few treats in store concerning Smash Bros. But one of the biggest reveals enticed and thrilled Pokémon enthusiasts around the world – Pokémon Sword and Shield. If you think the Alola form gave you something amazing, you will be thrilled with the new Dynamax form – essentially allowing the giant versions of your Pokémon to take on your challengers.


We were very sorry, as was a significant portion of the gaming community, to hear that Sony did not attend E3. Though the company is working on PlayStation 5, it seemed that the good people at Sony did not feel that their current projects merit appearing at this expo. Their absence has been felt by the fans and the competition alike, with Phil Spencer from Xbox commenting that E3 is just not the same without Sony. We still hope to hear from them in 2020 and see what they have to offer to their loyal followers.