Friday, 12/4/2024 | 1:28 UTC+0

6 Most Popular Video Games of All Time

Gaming is very popular and has been for a while. People enjoy playing them and some have been played more than others. There are plenty of popular video games, but some of them are so popular that others don’t even come close.

Here are the world’s most popular video games, which topple the standings.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

This game has around 800 million players according to their own data from August 2020. The game is a battle royale game, but an online multiplayer one. The goal is to survive and be the last one standing. It is an entertaining game and many people enjoy it. It is also available on mobile devices, which makes it accessible to a lot of people.


Minecraft is very popular, a sandbox game with pixel graphics, popular because it is entertaining for both children and adults. At 600 million players, it stands as one of the most played video games. Popular and both interesting, with many things to do and things to interact with, it is a game to be played.

Candy Crush Saga

Believe it or not, what started off as a Facebook game, evolved into one of the most played games on Android, iOS, and even Windows PCs. The game is a puzzle game, where you have to connect at least 3 pieces to destroy a row. It has 500 million players.

Among Us

A very new game where you have to assassinate one of your friends and then pretend you didn’t do it. People can call emergency meetings to figure out who was behaving in a sus way, afterward executing them. Getting the wrong friend hurts even more because one of you is going to be dead. This entertaining, cartoonish game, has 500 million players.

Microsoft Solitaire

Solitaire is one of the only installed games which people used to get with their Windows systems. For Windows 10, it is also available, making it one of the most played games of all time. It has around 400 million players, which is nothing to laugh at, considering that this is a card game.


Fortnite is a battle royale, where you can construct your own buildings while fighting your way to becoming the sole survivor. It is cartoonish and appeals to a younger audience. Some people have made their careers with Fortnite, like Ninja, the popular streamer. It has around 350 million players.

These are some of the world’s most popular video games, at least according to player count, which is what matters. Some games have a cult following, but compared to these, it is minuscule. The numbers can change, but these games are likely to stay at the top.