Friday, 12/4/2024 | 3:12 UTC+0

Casino Virtual Reality Games – Will They Become Mainstream?

Online casino games have been around for two decades, already. Though, back in the 90s, nobody really had a fast enough internet connection to play anything other than maybe some really, really low-quality slot machines. On the other hand, today everyone has internet wherever they go and likewise, they can also play casino games on so many sites.

There, you run into a problem, because with so many casinos, you cannot really know who to trust. Reviews help, as they offer an unbiased look at a certain subject.

Moving along, technology allows us to experience virtual reality games and have more fun and engagement in our gameplay. For casinos, this is a major opportunity. Whether this might become mainstream can be answered by time and the current state of casinos.

Virtual Reality Gaming is Still Developing

Whether casinos want to invest into virtual reality gaming or not is not really as important as whether the technology that renders those images is on point. Today, simple games can be rendered without making people sick. If they are rendered in real time, then the hardware needs to be really good, to avoid motion sickness and other problems arising from a choppy VR experience.

Casino games do not really suffer from this as they are usually in a very stationary environment, even though it is fully VR, the scenes are not really changing that much. Think of a closed room with slot machines, as opposed to a casino where every room is full of people. The former would be easily achievable with current hardware at high quality while the latter would be achievable but at a visual quality disadvantage.

Are There Any Casino VR Games?

Casino VR games exist and they come in a couple of shapes and sizes. One of the games features a full-size slot machine room and bar, where you play from the first person perspective, having the option to select any of the slot machines and play them in VR. For slot machines, the moves and sounds are probably the most important parts, and the matching symbols on the paylines, of course.

Other games offer virtual casino table games like space roulette or virtual poker. The poker game is great because you can see the other players’ avatars and their reactions, not to mention that the physics are great and that throwing cards is actually an option.

The Future Will Depend on the Industry Roadmap

Whether the industry embraces virtual technology more, will directly influence what Casino will have to work with. If many other industries or areas of life pick up VR, then it will definitely have to be developed to a great, yet affordable state. In the next 10 years or more, we will definitely be seeing more VR games, while some might even become mainstream. Casino VR games should follow that trend and even more so because casinos are games have a great foundation for VR.