Wednesday, 29/11/2023 | 4:02 UTC+0

Tips on Becoming a Twitch Streamer

Today, people prefer streaming to broadcasting, mostly because you have access to content, on demand. This is why most people turn to streaming services if they have the choice. A good internet connection and you are good to go.
Not everybody wants to just watch movies and TV shows. Some people want to be the ones broadcasting, meaning that they want to be streamers. There are a couple of popular streaming platforms, Twitch being one of the popular ones. In order to become a popular Twitch streamer or even one with a solid viewer-base, you should know a couple of things. Here are some tips to help you on the way.

Having a Schedule – Streaming is like TV

People say that they don’t like it when they miss out on a TV show, but in reality, TVs have schedules and people love those. Schedules help us organize our time and with that in mind, our audience’s. As a watcher, it is great knowing that you can wake up and your favorite streamer will have started their stream, giving you content with your meal.
As a streamer, it is important to be consistent, as it is with most things in life. Plan your streaming schedule, both time and video games. Speaking of which, not everyone is a gaming streamer.

Choose What to Stream

Some people think that only gaming streams are popular, but it is not so. Most people enjoy a variety of things, from gaming, cooking, chess, to LN2 overclocking and more. The thing with streaming is that you cannot really keep streaming for a long time if you really dislike the thing you are streaming.
Many streamers had burnouts because they couldn’t take either the thing they were streaming, the rough schedule or simply, the insecurity of the job. Loving the thing you are streaming should make it a lot more worth in the long run.

Social Media Presence

Some streamers have gained a presence online without even having social media. Some of them were already large personalities in either the professional esports scene or had already had an audience on other platforms. For the upcoming streamer, having a social media presence is important.
Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Reddit, and other sites, depending on the region you are catering to. Facebook is less popular in Russia compared to VK, for example. It is important to advertise your schedule and brand, especially if you can get into other people’s videos and posts.

Be Friendly and Respect the Twitch TOS

Twitch has a very particular set of Terms you should follow to the letter. Things tend to get out of hand on Twitch from time to time and popular streamers often get through with a warning, the administrators turning a blind eye.
For the upcoming streamer, it is very important to follow the Twitch TOS. One report and you could be banned for a week. This can hamper your career, especially if you already have a following.

Being friendly on stream is important for having a set of viewers. Yet, some personalities get away with being very macho or hardcore, like Tyler1 and similar personalities with an aggressive approach.
Not everyone is like that, however, and some people prefer chill streamers who don’t get excited at the slightest click of a mouse.

With these tips, you should be well on your way to becoming a better Twitch streamer.