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Best Video Games for Beginners – Start Your Gaming Journey

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Video games have been popular for a long time now. People love playing them and some even love to watch people play them, from streamers to professional gamers. Gaming is interesting to watch, but playing games can be much more interesting.

The thing is, there are so many video games so choosing can be tricky. Luckily, there are a couple of games that can be great for beginners.

Super Mario – The Basic Platformer

Going back to the basics of video games, Super Mario is one of the games to start with. Whether with a Super Nintendo emulator or with a newer Nintendo console, and a newer Mario game, getting into things with an old-school platformer is a great game to start your journey with.

Street Fighter V – A Fighting Game Modern

Starting off with Street Fighter II is what most people would recommend, but the V version of the game is a lot newer with plenty of characters to play, not to mention that the combos are still very difficult to execute.

This is a fighting game classic, which everyone should try if they are into fighting games at all. One on one, play against the AI, or against people online, depending on how lucky you feel, and how good your combos are.

Starcraft II – Real-Time Strategy Classic

The original Starcraft is for some people one of the best strategy games, but Starcraft II is the more modern version, one which you should try if you feel like strategy games are the ones for you.

It has a great multiplayer scene and should you like to practice, the AI is also interesting and it can challenge even the best players.

FIFA 2021 or PES 2021

Depending on the platform of choice and what you like, either football game should do for a beginner. Football games are best played with friends, which is what makes them more interesting. Whether playing online or in person, football games are a great way to socialize, not to mention get into gaming in general.

SMITE – MOBA Beginner Game

MOBAs are interesting but they tend to have players go through fire and brimstone to learn how to play them. League of Legends comes to mind, one of the most popular MOBAs, yet with a very steep learning curve.

SMITE is the better choice if you want to understand what MOBAs are and how they are played. They are not all the same but the principle is the same.

Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey – RPG

Assassin’s Creed is an amazing series, and Odyssey is great because you get to explore ancient Greece. It is quite an experience, one that you have to see to believe. You can even turn off other HUD elements and get to exploring without any annoying headers and markers.

These are some of the best video games you can play if you want to start your gaming journey. There are others if these don’t tickle your fancy, but they should cover a lot of ground and genres.