Friday, 12/4/2024 | 1:44 UTC+0

Alchymedes Slot Review

Alchymedes is a 5 reel, 60 payline slot brought to you by Yggdrasil Gaming that is playable on desktop, mobile and tablet devices from 30p to £150 per spin. Symbols on the reels include 4 potion bottles (green, blue, orange and violet). If you want to give it a try and earn money before even playing, you can use the Ladbrokes promo code. There are also 4 playing cards (A, K, Q and J). With more than 15,000 wild patterns possible, the game also has interesting new features: level completion multiplier feature (up to a 5x multiplier on your last winning spin) and the Alchemists Scales feature giving you choice between increasing the multiplier or increasing the wild pattern probability for bigger wins after each level is completed.
Set in a mad alchemist’s lab the game features top noch sound and visuals, with a dark and mysterious atmosphere. The theme is based on an ancient art of alchemy, whose practisers studied chrysopoeia, the transmutation of “base metals” (e.g., lead) into “noble” ones (particularly gold). Yggdrasil really knows how to create great looking slots and Alchymedes is one of them. The graphics are excellent and the mystical soundtrack is equally impressive, giving the on-screen action a real air of magic.
However, what makes this game particullarly stand out is its innovative gameplay mechanics. On a 5 reel/4 row format, Alchymedes has 30 paylines, paying both left to right and right to left. You form winning combinations when you get 3 or more of the same symbol lined up in a sequence – starting from either reel 1 or reel 5. The wild symbol (radioactive waste) works as a replacement for all other symbols to help you form winning combinations with more ease.
There are no traditional bonus features as such. You need to complete levels to get different wild patterns as there are more than 15,000 of them in the game. The pattern is drawn randomly at the start of each level and remains so until the level has been completed. Each wild symbol that lands spreads according to the drawn pattern.
Each level begins with a 1x multiplier – it can increase by 1 to 5 times during each spin at random. The multiplier is then applied to the win that makes you complete the level. This means your last win in each level can be subject to a 5x multiplier.
Once each level is finished, the Alchemist’s scale appears – you then can choose between adding more green wild potions or red multiplier potions to the mixture. If you choose the green wild potion, you increase the potential for getting a better wild pattern. If you choose the red multiplier potion, your multiplier will increase faster.
Once again, Yggdrasil Gaming has produced an outstanding slot with inventive gameplay – despite no traditional free spins feature, it has a clever theme, looks great and has potential for huge wins whether you choose bigger multipliers or improve the wild pattern.
Although Alchymedes is not for those who like more traditional gameplay, it is definitely recommended for those who want to experiment with something new in attempting to turn those metals into gold.